A Comprehensive Review Of The Top Five Vape Pens On The Market

best vape pensIn recent years, vape pens have become increasingly popular amongst a majority of people. All thanks to the advancements in technology that have made vaporizers more effective and smaller than ever. Due to the rise in demand, so many brand have emerged into the market. Not all vape pens are equal, some perform poorly while others are incredible. Some are more portable and discreet than others. In this article, we have compiled a list of best vape pens vaporizerchief.com/vaporizers/vape-pens in the market, read on.

1. Kandypens Gravity

Kandypens gravity is the new vape pen to look out for. It offers the option of a dual coil or coil-less atomizer right out of the box. It will also work with your Kandypens Donut or the Galaxy atomizers and give more airflow. It features new heat setting that works great when it comes to conserving concentrate while providing a flavorful and smooth hit.


  • – Two coil options
  • – Good battery life
  • – Efficient
  • – Improved airflow
  • – Lifetime warranty on battery
  • – New lower heat setting


  • – No micro-USB charging
  • – Coil-less atomizers could be improved

2. Kandypens Mini

If you are looking for a vape pen that is small and portable but packs a big punch, Kandypens Mini is the vaporizer to go for. This vape takes the great features of the original Kandypens vapors to a whole new level. The Mini is a great place to start for a new user. It is also suitable for the experienced users who are tired of the eGo charging and the tight airflow. Veteran users may also want to upgrade and get a whole lot of new vaping experience. Apart from its size, Kandypens mini has a great design that is appealing to the eye. Its weight is substantial enough for the user to feel that he is carrying a device in his hands


  • – Micro USB pass-through charging
  • – Easy access to coils
  • – Good battery life
  • – Nice airflow
  • – Easy to maintain
  • – Small and powerful


  • – Quite similar to the Atmos Kiln

3. V2 Pro Series 3X (3-in-1 Vaporizer)

The V2 Pro Series 3X is a fascinating vape in which the atomizer snaps together with the magnets once it’s dropped in. The Series 3X is efficient whether one needs to quit smoking cigarettes or want to find a new way of enjoying wax. This powerful and versatile device allows one to easily and quickly switch between all three by use of the magnetic connection. Series 3X has made major advancements including variable voltage options, battery life capacity, improved e-liquid system and battery indication.


  • – Good flavor
  • – Vaporizes e-liquid
  • – Variable voltage
  • – Pass-through charging
  • – Compatible with Series 3 pods
  • – Improved battery life
  • – Magnetic charging system


  • – Tighter draw
  • – Wax pods sold separately
  • – Some gurgling with non-disposable pods
  • – Uses a proprietary charger

4. Cloud V Platinum

Similar to Mig Vapor Keymaker and much like Micro G Pen, Cloud V Platinum is one of those stylish vape pens. Some of the great features of the Cloud that define the vape is, with only .1 grams, one can get a few puffs before the vape goes off and the window on the mouthpiece that shows the vapor forming. Lastly, the draws have a bit more airflow than the Micro G Pen.


  • – Nice atomizer design
  • – Good airflow
  • – Vapor window
  • – Lifetime warranty on battery
  • – Cool designs


  • – Non-Micro USB charge port
  • – Extra coil heads sold separately
  • – Not compatible with standard ellipse mouthpiece

5. Mig Vapor Keymaker

Despite its small size and affordable price the Keymaker gives massive clouds of vapor. Shaped like a USB memory and a black Mig Vapor logo on the front, Keymaker not only looks elegant but also fits perfectly in the pocket. Mig Vapor Keymaker has a lot in common with the Micro G-Pen, one thing that makes them similar is that they take same type of coils that snaps into place.


  • – Very discreet
  • – Micro –USB pass-through charging
  • – Mig Vapor warranty
  • – Good flavor
  • – Compatible with any Micro-G pen
  • – Stylish


  • – Requires some heat up time
  • – Atomizer can get very hot after continuous usage
  • – Average vapor production

Bottom Line

There you have it; the list above may not be the most comprehensive but it is certainly comprised of some of the best vape pens in the market. If you are a beginner who would like to quit smoking you can choose one of the vape above. The vape pens are also favorable for veteran users who are looking to get a new vaping experience.